9477-0872 QUEBEC INC is a software company that provides products and services to medium-sized businesses, freelance professionals, or specific industries such as construction or marketing agencies. Our primary focus is on ease of use and a simple user interface, customization and personalization options, automated processes and workflows to increase efficiency, ongoing technical support and training to ensure users get the most out of the software, which we believe sets us apart from our competitors.

Our software is created to solve various problems in various industries:

  • Project management software can help businesses organize and track projects, streamline communication and collaboration among team members, and improve overall efficiency and productivity.
  • HR software can help businesses manage employee records, benefits, and payroll, as well as streamline recruiting and performance evaluation processes.
  • Cybersecurity software can help protect businesses from cyber threats such as malware, viruses, and hacking attempts, as well as monitor network activity and detect potential breaches.
  • We also develop individual projects of various sizes. Such as applications for phones, computers, etc.

And we pride ourselves on providing our clients with Clear and Responsive Communication, Easy-to-Use Support Tools, Customer Feedback and Satisfaction Surveys. In addition our company provide Regular Feature Updates and Proactive Bug Fixes to maximize customer satisfaction.

Our Way

Our company was founded on technical innovation…

We create innovative technologies that enable MSPs to protect small and medium-sized businesses from threats and minimize business downtime. In an increasingly complex IT environment, we offer solutions to the challenges that MSPs face every day, while creating margin for growth in their business.

then grew into an industry leader and loyal partner…

We’ve spent more than a decade working exclusively with MSPs, and that means more than just building innovative products. We’ve also built genuine relationships with partners across the globe. From our front-line sales teams through our unmatched support, events and partner success teams, supporting our MSP community always comes first.

and we’re all-in for the future of our global MSP community.

Since inception, we have tailored our business to meet MSPs’ unique needs. This includes our subscription-based pricing model, policies, success, support, and programs, as well as renowned events. Our entire business model is built on enabling MSP growth.

Our Values

1. Protect Client Workloads with Anywhere Failover.

2. Deliver Exceptional Service to Your Clients.

3. Mitigate Cybersecurity Risk.

4. Backup, Restore, Protect.